Friday, October 26, 2007

He's A Real Doll

I recently used my old Six Million Dollar Man doll for a lighting exercise and I absolutely love the shots I got. Who knew that old Steve Austin (aka Lee Majors) was so versatile! And he was a really great model - he never complained, never needed a makeup touchup or even a bathroom break. Gosh I love shooting objects vs people. Now I just have to find a Jamie Summers doll (the old school Lindsey Wagner one with the blue jumpsuit) on ebay or something and then I can really have some fun. When I played with Steve as a kid he was very popular with all my Barbies - for awhile he was the only guy in town 'til I got a Sport and Shave Ken doll (the one with the unruly 70's mop of wavy brown hair). But that didn't stop Steve from going on drives with Barbie in her Dune Buggy, having late night visits at her tri-level Townhouse, taking vacation jaunts with her on the United Friend Ship, or even having sleepovers in her pop up trailer or Country Camper RV. Ah the 70's. I want to make greeting cards or stickers or iron transfers or something really cool with these Bionic shots. Here's one mockup I did tonight.

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