Sunday, October 28, 2007


My friend Lawrence talked me into trying out as a game show contestant on LINGO, hosted by Chuck Woolery on the Game Show Network. I'd never even seen the show before we tried out, but we made it through the casting and got onto the show. If you watch the episode it looks like we're having a ball but honestly the entire experience was miserable and stressful and we lost. We were at the studio for about six hours, the only food on hand was crap candy and chips that I avoided eating because I like to eat healthy and I didn't want a sugar crash not knowing when we'd actually be going on air. Once the taping began, the producers kept commanding me to talk louder (quite a shock since I feel like I usually have the most booming voice in any group) and directed me that I should actually shout across the stage as though the mics were very far from me. And at every break they kept telling me to amp up my enthusiasm and presence because I guess I wasn't being dramatic and exuberant enough for the LINGO audience watching at home. Then once we were done, we found out that our "parting gifts" were crummy LINGO t-shirts that were too big for either of us to wear! When we left the taping, I was starving and had a killer migraine from not eating for hours. And then to top it all off, the production company didn't even notify us when our episode aired!!! Luckily a friend of Lawrence's just caught the East Coast feed of the rerun and informed us in time so I could DVR it. The only cool part was Chuck Woolery was really nice and laid back. Screw LINGO, the only game show I really want to be on is the $25,000 Pyramid if only they'd just bring the show out of mothballs. But if they do, I hope they don't prop up Dick Clark to host! Here's a clip of us chatting with Chuck and trying to figure out one of the word puzzles.


Aline said...

h my god...#1, you look gorgeous on TV, #2, I was so nervous for you and then it cut off and I want to see more...has it aired on regular TV?
Well, at least in our books, you're a STAR!

Lydia Marcus said...

well thanks saying i looked gorgeous! i intentionally cut off the clip there because it's waaaaaay embarrasing - i couldnt figure out the word and it turned out to be PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big duh. and of course they made a point to razz me about it on air after i just said my passion was photography. oy vey. it first aired on the game show network (cable tv) i guess earlier in the summer and this past friday was the rerun - but the first time i actually got to see it. i'll have to burn you a dvd.