Thursday, October 25, 2007

CUSTOMER "SERVICE" aka "Who's On First?"

I bought my Sony HC1 HDV
video camera from the Sony Outlet Store in Camarillo this past summer. They have really good deals on Refurbished, Open Boxed, and older models. Looking to add a wide angle lens attachment to my camera, I called them on Wednesday. Here is a pretty close version of the actual "Who's On First" type exchange between me and the salesgirl.

"Me: Hi, I wanted to see if you had the wide angle lens attachment for my Sony video camera.

Salesgirl: Okay. We sell wide angle lenses but we don't sell any attachments for them.

Me: No the wide angle lens is an attachment.

Salesgirl (reiterating and sounding annoyed): We sell wide angle lenses but we don't sell any attachments.

Me: You don't understand, the wide angle lens is THE attachment. You attach it to your lens and you get a wider angle of view.

Salesgirl (snapping and even more annoyed): Give me the model number and I'll see if we have it in stock.

Me: VCLHG0737X or VCLHG0737Y.

Salesgirl: Yes we have three in stock.

Me: How much are they?

Salesgirl: We cannot quote prices over the phone.

Me (thinking back to last time I was in the store looking at the VCLHG0737Y and remembering it was somewhere around $75 bucks): It is $75?

Salesgirl: It's less than that.

Me (thinking, "hmmm does that mean it's $74.99?"): Okay, thanks. Since you have three in stock I won't have you hold it. Bye."

In the Sony Store's defense, I have encountered several employees there who are young but actually very friendly and knowledgeable. But isn't it FUN when you're dealing with salespeople these days and they just repeat the "mantra" they've been training with and don't actually use any common sense.

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