Monday, October 24, 2011


Thank you for reading and following the fotonomous blog. I've decided I no longer want to keep a personal blog going because my photos and postings have migrated to Facebook, making this blog unnecessary. When I started this blog, I was just doing photography for fun, but after a lot of hard work and time getting my feet wet, it's now become a career.

My main passion is photographing pets (specifically dogs) - so this summer I launched Zen Pet Pix. You can follow my photos on my website and at Zen Pet Pix on Facebook.

My general photography work - headshots, portraits, event, and everything in between - is Lydia Marcus Photography and you can follow me at Lydia Marcus Photography on Facebook too.

If you're in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley areas, please consider hiring me for your photography needs.

Thank you for this time together and I hope you keep up with me on my photography websites and Facebook pages where I put new content up several times a week and often daily!

- Lydia Marcus :-)

Lydia & Cali having fun in Malibu, CA