Sunday, October 14, 2007


Lydia Marcus is an Entertainment Journalist, Film Critic, Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer. She has written extensively about queer and indie film since 1995 and has done numerous cover stories for Frontiers (where she was Senior Film critic from 1995-2005), Girlfriends, GO! and the LN (Lesbian News), where she was the “At The Movies” columnist. Her features and photographs have been published in numerous publications and websites including: The Los Angeles Times; AOL / AOL City Guide Los Angeles; The Advocate; Planetout;; indieWIRE; Windy City Times; Logoonline; and In 2006/2007 she toured with Sandra Bernhard as an official photographer for Bernhard’s live show “Everything Bad and Beautiful.” She is currently filming her first documentary, Desert Hearts Mon Amour.

Lydia loves to take lots of photographs with an assortment of film, digital, and Polaroid cameras. She shoots primarily with a digital Nikon D80, Polaroid SX-70 Alpha (using a dwindling stash of discontinued Time Zero Film), and a Polaroid SLR 680 SE (using 779 & 600). She’s always been the lone family shooter, but it wasn’t until she took a basic photography class in her junior year of high school that she began to develop her “eye” and interests in automotive and architectural photography. Since then, no classic car, neon sign, funky old building, cute dog, or spectacular landscape is safe from her gaze. This color shooter’s palette ranges from warm tones with a vintage feel to saturated images that absolutely pop.

Her lifelong fascination and appreciation of cars is shared through her “Curious Transport” series capturing abstract pinstripes, distressed paint, and super glossy customization. This native Los Angeleno’s “Sign Language” series reveals quintessential L.A. scenery – places that are thriving and much that is rapidly disappearing.

Lydia’s artistic nature comes from her Mom, Beverly Burton Marcus (1931-2002), a medium and spiritualist. Her love of cars and dogs comes from her Dad, Fred Marcus (1921-), an Austrian Holocaust survivor and former Urguayan swimming and diving champion.

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