Thursday, October 18, 2007

Circus Vargas 1

circusvargas_1.jpg, originally uploaded by fotonomous.

S took me to see Circus Vargas back in August. I hadn't been to a real circus in probably 20 years. Been mainly going to Cirque Du Soleil, but I really grew up on Barnum & Bailey's throughout my childhood. My Mom always took me to the B&B circus, the Ice Capades, really cool stuff when I was growing up. Circus Vargas is different from B&B because it's only a one ring circus. It was a really nice intimate setting for a show, and instead of Lions, Tigers, and Elephants, they had some cute doggie and kitty acts, plus all the human performers. The day we went the sky was just PERFECT, really enhancing the look of all the photos. I just printed this image at home on my Epson R1800 on Museo Silver Rag paper and OMG the colors just JUMP off the page. That was a wonderful show I will never forget.

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