Thursday, October 22, 2009



Polaroid Photo credit © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed April 4, 2009 in Encino, CA

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Cali @ 7.5 months-2

Open W-I-D-E!
Cali @ 7.5 months-3

"Just try and take this persimmon away from me!"
Cali @ 7.5 months-1

Bend It Like Cali!
Cali @ 7.5 months-4

I wish her face was in better focus, but I like her expression.
Cali @ 7.5 months-5

Recent Videos:

Cali Has A Ball

We had a couple days of rain in L.A. so I had to find creative ways to keep Cali busy indoors. And find ways to poop her out! So I invented the Cali-lympics.

Playtime isn't just for fun, it's a daily way to keep training Cali through repetition, praise and sometimes reward.

Cali-lympics Day 1 - Stay, come, single jump, sit, and left paw.

Cali-lympics Day 2 - Cali nails the double jump!

There was a Cali-lympics Day 3 where I had Cali doing a triple jump but I didn't record it because the room was too dark. Right now I'm improvising her jumps with TV bed trays, but I hope to get some agility equipment eventually.

Cali 7.5 months
Photo credits © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed October 21, 2009 in Encino, CA

Monday, October 19, 2009


Golden Bird

Pontiac Trans Am Firebird
Polaroid Photo credit © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed June 28, 2009 in Van Nuys, CA
At the All GM Car Show

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just received this email from Polapremium. I just hope the new films aren't going to cost and arm and a leg.


"..After all the difficulties and changes of ownership during the last years, the new management of Polaroid now understands the source of the brand's attraction - which is surprisingly not based in digital cameras but in Dr. Edwin Land's groundbreaking 1948 invention of Instant Photography, which he ingeniously devised and passionately developed with a lot of care and devotion."

"...We grabbed the chance to take over the last factory producing Instant films from the old Polaroid management and to start The Impossible Project in 2008. Re-inventing a new analog integral film, we are now preparing, supporting and managing the comeback of Instant Photography."

Accomplishing this mission and proudly owning the former Polaroid plant in Enschede (NL), as well as already holding the first working hand-coated samples in our trembling hands, we are pleased to herewith announce a history-making cooperation between The Impossible Project and Polaroid:

Polaroid will re-launch the legendary Polaroid One Step Camera and is therefore commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce a limited edition of Polaroid® branded Instant Films in the middle of 2010.

Large-scale production and worldwide sale of The Impossible Project's new integral film materials under its own brand will already start in the beginning of 2010 - with a brand new and astonishing black and white Instant Film and the first colour films to follow in the course of the year."

Read the full announcement.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ferrari Vertabrae

355 F1 Spyder
Photo Credit © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed October 11, 2009 in Glendale, CA
Caruso Concours d'Elegance at The Americana at Brand

Friday, October 2, 2009




I always spot amazing webs and spiders at night but have never been able to get a good photograph. These two beauties were out in stark sunlight and I had my macro lens with me so I was able to capture all the eerie details.

The spiders were quite large - around two inches in length - so it's a good thing I'm not arachnophobic because my head was >veryclose< to the second spider pictured. The beautiful green background in the first shot is actually reclaimed water at The Japanese Garden in Van Nuys. I love how the markings on the first spider's body make it look like a creepy skull or weird alien being.

Photo credits: © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed September 27, 2009 in Van Nuys, CA
The Japanese Garden / Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant