Monday, August 4, 2008


Well here it is - my photo "Sandra's Stare" in the pages of JPG Magazine Issue #17. I was one of the winners of the JPG Magazine (teamed with Flak Photo and File Magazine) Polaroid Portrait Challenge. Among the four page spread, I was pretty psyched to have the second largest image (as far as layout) and to be one of the five images (out of 23 total) that had some text about the shooting of the photo included. The feature starts on page 18 and my image is on page 20. As a winner of the competition, I get paid real cash money (I actually received payment BEFORE the issue came out - a FIRST for me for sure), a free year's subscription to JPG Magazine, and of course, my photo printed in the magazine. JPG also lists the web address of the image on and lists me in the back of the magazine in the contributors index (and that includes a mention of my fotonomous blog). I have to say, JPG is a real class act, now if only more publications treated their contributors so well. Big congrats to all the other Polaroid photographers whose work was featured in JPG.

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