Monday, August 18, 2008


On Sunday I had some fresh honeydew and just when I was about to throw out the rind I decided why not let Lucy have a lick at it. I put it on the floor of the kitchen and in mere seconds she had picked it up in her mouth and carried it into the living room - her favorite spot to eat any treat. She loved the honeydew (her first time tasting it) and I had a blast taking photos.

Lucy placing the honeydew "bowl" down on the carpet.

Digging in full snout.

Getting tired of eating standing up, Lucy takes a more relaxed approach.

Licking her chops at the tail end of the sugar rush.

This is my favorite photo - the look in her eyes says it all - honeydew hangover!

At this point, she just started looking guilty - either she thought she'd done a bad thing or perhaps the honeydew was just too much of a good thing.

Pure honeydew exhaustion - sugar low - Lucy MUST rest.

Lucy The Boxador photos by Lydia Marcus
Photographed August 17, 2008

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