Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Once in a great while, special people come into your life, and photographer Aline Smithson is that person to me. I first met Aline when I began taking "The Next Step: Getting Exposure in the Fine Art and Documentary World" at Julia Dean in April of 2007. Aline has turned out to be the most amazing teacher, mentor, friend, and constant encourager. Through her class I finally found a small community of fine art photographers willing to support one another. Instead of being competitive, Aline has encouraged her students to share resources and be each other's best cheerleaders. Before I met Aline, I didn't have a blog, wasn't showing any of my photography on the web or publicly, nor did I have a network of other photographers to bounce ideas off of or get feedback. Because of the course, instead of miscellaneous photos, I now have different series of work including "Curious Transport" and "Sign Language." Without Aline's influence, I know for a fact that "Sandra's Stare" would not currently be published in JPG Magazine, because I wouldn't have even tried to submit it anywhere. So today, I send out a big THANK YOU to a wonderful woman who has helped the artist within me emerge. To a fantastic friend and mentor who has shared both her heart and her knowledge - Aline Smithson!

Aline & Me at the opening of my first group gallery show "Photography Now" at the Julia Dean Gallery on October 18, 2007.

Here is some of Aline's amazing, one of a kind work:

Aline's website is and her blog is

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