Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Edwin Land is here to welcome you and he says you can have all the Polaroid films and cameras you want FOREVER."

My answer to "If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?" - taken from "Inside The Actor's Studio" host James Lipton's question #10, as inspired by Bernard Tivot's questionnaire.

Okay, this is the biggest stockpile of Polaroid film I will ever have. I cashed out a small mutual fund and bought a LOT of Polaroid 600 film. When it's gone, I'm done with shooting Polaroid integral films. I'm not going to pay crazy prices in the future.

Here's a guide to the photo of the my spare fridge packed with film:

The 600 came from Office Depot - 39.99 for a 4 pack with free shipping. Tax was extra. The ID-UV I stocked up from Staples when it was 9.99 for a double pack. The Fuji FP-100C was bought off Craigslist about a year ago for less than retail cost (don't remember how much, but it was a good deal). The 690, 664, and 667 were all bought at Studio City Camera Exchange (before they closed for good) and Samy's. The Time Zero I bought my last batch at Samy's and then a few more packs off of CL. The iZone film I bought new at Target or Longs back when it was available. The Spectra I bought for less than retail from an office supply store that specializes in close out merchandise. The Fuji Sensia slide film was given to me for free by a friend. The small organizer has 120 and 35mm film in it - most of it I got for free from various sources. About 1-2 years ago, pretty much tons of people were unloading film on me, as EVERYONE went digital.

I don't know how much 600 I have exactly, but I think it's around 114 packs or so total. If I had the $, I wish I had 1000 boxes of it or more. This stuff better last me 'til doomsday or 'til it starts turning brown and going bad - whichever comes first. But in all honesty, I know I'm set for the next year...after that, who the hell knows, I guess I'll be shooting packfilm (til they stop making that) and Fuji Instax.

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