Saturday, June 14, 2008


Last night I went out with my longtime high school friend Cathy. She called me up spur of the moment to see if I wanted to go to dinner. The super cool thing was she decided to "borrow" her husband's Vette for the night while he was out working late. Getting to go out cruising in a Vette, the day after Jay's memorial just felt right. Cathy and I had the most incredible night. First we went to Sushi at Octopus in Encino, then we took the targa top off the Vette, drove to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank and did a quick pass through the parking lot to see all the vintage rides, drove into Hollywood, went to legendary Yamashiro restaurant in the Hollywood Hills for a panoramic view of the city lights and dessert, drove back to my house, decided to continue the drive down some empty back streets at insane speeds, ventured over to Sepulveda Blvd to drive the twisties, then down some curvy road back to Ventura Blvd, went to Cathy's family's house and hung out with her Dad and brother Paul, then stopped at IHOP in Encino for Cathy's late-late night snack and then she dropped me back at my house at 4:30am! The Vette (a 2002 electric blue) is so blistering fast and smooth at acceleration it's exhilarating to take a drive in it. Yamashiro turned out to be the best choice of the night - Cathy and I shared two desserts - I had a chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream and she got a fancy smores that was topped with the most orgasmically delicious toasted marshmallow fluff. I can easily say that her dessert was the best one I've had in my entire life. It was off the charts. The entire night reminded me of being young and carefree and in high school but still old enough to appreciate how special everything was. Too bad the night had to end, I could have gone on cruising 'til the sun came up.

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