Friday, June 20, 2008


I don't remember why, but for some reason I decided during the 100+ degree mid-day heat that I was going to go out in the front yard and hose down three Tonka cars that have been neglected outside for a few years. I got the Tonka truck and two Jeeps from various garage sales when I was a little kid. They were in beat up condition when I got them. I always took care of my toys when I was a kid and anything that I bought new always looked new forever more and anything I got that was beat up stayed that way and didn't degrade a step further. But while the rest of my childhood toys have been safetly kept inside, somehow these three ended up being stored outside in the elements for the last few years. There was so much dirt and gunk accumulated on the cars that I had to spray them for awhile, which left puddles on the lawn where the cars were standing. When I was a kid, I never would have taken a hose to my cars, let alone let them stand in mud, but now, this seemed like the perfect photographic moment and a fitting environment for these off road vehicles models. I ran inside to grab my Polaroid SLR 680 SE, my Polaroid SX-70 Alpha, my Polaroid 195 (and the close up and portrait lens attachments), plus my Nikon D80 with the f1.8 lens to grab a few digital shots. I wish I had a close up attachment for my 680 - I never feel like I can get close enough. The photos were taken in an area shaded by a big tree, so the SX-70 Time Zero shots turned out mostly fuzzy. I guess they needed more light.

This was my best Polaroid shot, taken with the Polaroid 195 using Fuji FP-100C that was expired in January, 2007

The focus isn't perfect on this but I like the mood.

A total blur but I like the effect. The Fuji colors are so much bolder than the cheapie Polaroid ID-UV that I usually use. I save the Fuji for the good stuff.

I thought this one was my best of the 680 shots.

I love the size comparison between the cars and Lucy.

Lucy was pretty overheated outside. She noticed the water that had collected in the back of the truck so she walked over to it and started lapping it up!

I thought that the truck photographed the best out of the three cars - it looked the most authentic and least toy like. The way the paint is distressed looks just like on a real car.

I like this shot, it looks like the truck is about to drive through a creek.

It's hard to make out because the lettering is rubbed off a bit, but the Jeep is adorned with writing that says U.S.A.F.

Here's a Time Zero shot of Lucy resting in the shade after having enough of the heat.

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