Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On Sunday I got to take the bandage off my hand and see my stitches for the first time. They were a lot smaller than I expected. Here are some photos I took on Tuesday of both my hands - the bruise on the left hand is from the IV. I have way worse bruising from the IV than from surgery! Weird. What's also strange is that my IV bruise didn't appear until Monday - three days after surgery.

While I was recuperating on Sunday, my friend (and photographer) Jack Slomovits dropped by and whisked me over to Lake Balboa in his Ford Mustang convertible. I took this photo of the Mustang back in December while Jack and I visited Joshua Tree.

Even though I go to Lake Balboa often to walk around the park and watch the birds, I haven't ever gone out on one of their Paddle Wheeler boats. Jack and I rented one for an hour and cruised onto the Lake. After going through surgery and recovery over the weekend, it was very restorative to be out on the lake with the sun and breeze hitting me.

These are some baby ducks - a rare sight on the Lake.

This is my favorite duck at Lake Balboa. He's a gives true meaning to the term "odd duck." He always gets picked on by the other ducks (I guess for being different) but he trudges on like nothing happened. Besides his hair, he just acts a little "off." He's a "rare bird" indeed.

These are some photos I've taken of him in the past.

And this duck just showed up recently - he's the other odd man out at the Lake. I asked one of the Lifeguards about him and they told me he's a Moscovy duck. The first image I took of him on another day at the Lake, the other two are from Sunday.

I saw this ice cream truck as we were leaving. I didn't buy anything from it, but I thought compositionally the truck looked cool with the arrow.

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