Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well I've been hoarding the last batch of my Polaroid Time Zero film and just wondering what the hell to actually shoot with it. Since blue skies and water (like swimming pools and the beach) express themselves the best on Time Zero - so creamy and dreamy - i figured the Getty Center (one of my favorite places to shoot) was more than deserving of my precious Time Zero. The day I went up there was absolutely picture perfect and the blue skies were incredible to the eye and as expressed on Time Zero. I shot two and a half boxes (about 25 photos), enjoyed every second of it, and actually lost one of my exposures to a gust of wind that took it sailing down the mountain. I consider it an appropriate sacrifice to the Gods of Polaroid. Maybe one day it will be found and admired.

Note: Polaroid Time Zero is no longer manufactured by Polaroid. Packs currently sell for up to $125 on ebay for a cartrige that has 10 exposures.

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