Monday, November 19, 2007


I love shooting digitally, but once in awhile it's nice to slow down and do things the old school film way. The only problem with me shooting film is the rolls tend to sit around for quite some time before I can get them off to a decent lab. Just got back a roll from my Olympus XA - a rangefinder from the late 70's with a fast f2.8 lens and cute as hell black clamshape body. This roll was TMAX and I really love the dreamy, hazy yet kinda sharp look. It's weird though to see grain again. These images were taken by me on the Victory Trailhead in Woodland Hills - a fantastic place to hike that actually makes you understand what the Valley was like back when it was inhabited by Native American tribes like the Tongva, Chumash, and Gabrielino. The Victory Trailhead has rolling hills, Oaks trees (btw, my hometown Encino is the Spanish word for Oak), and the perfect amount of quiet and serenity to make you feel like you actually escaped the city. B/W shots are TMAX, the rest are a mix of digital and some color film.

Update: Directions to Victory Trailhead. You can take Victory Blvd at any point in the Valley and just go as far West as you can go. Victory actually ends at the Victory Trailhead (just West of Valley Circle in West Hills). From the 101 freeway exit Valley Circle Boulevard. Head north to Victory Boulevard. Turn left. Park entrance is approximately one mile at the end of Victory Boulevard. There are other entrances too, go to for more info.


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures! My dad is a professional photographer and i can tell that you have real talent. I also live hiking and mountain biking on those trails! It is truly an experience. Keep up the good work!

Lydia Marcus said...

thanks for the compliments!