Friday, November 9, 2007


When people outside of L.A. think of Hollywood and where the stars live they think of Beverly Hills but the truth is tons of celebs have always lived in the Valley. Don't believe me - well one random night eating dinner at Tony Roma's in Encino I had the original Batman Adam West sitting in the booth across from me and Mr. T sitting in the booth behind Batman. When you see a celebrity in the Valley it's not like some crazy scene out of Extra or Access Hollywood with a throng of Paparazzi and fans going crazy. Sure everyone notices these famous people but they're pretty much left alone except for a random hello. Unfortunately Britney Spears has brought her own Paparazzi hellstorm to the Valley - I'm just glad I've never been unfortunate enough to be at the same location as her at the same time. This week she was in Van Nuys looking at buying a Mercedes SUV, awhile back she shaved off her hair in Tarzana, and last week she ate at the Sharkey's on Reseda Blvd that I go to. The management, obviously not used to this kind of celebrity shitstorm, actually allowed the Paparazzi inside - and they were completely surrounding Brit as she at her fish taco or whatever it was. What I like about the Valley is that it's laid back in comparison to anywhere in the city (and you don't have to take a ticket and pay to park to go to a mall or shopping complex!). Anyway I've had my own celeb sightings in the last week. First I saw Teri Nunn of Berlin in the Laemmle Town Center 5 (or as I like to call it by it's old name, the Town and Country) in of all places the bathroom!
Well anyway, Teri was looking as sexy as ever with her two tone blond/black hair. I just said a quick hi and told her how much I enjoyed her music and that I'd just seen her at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano earlier in the summer. She was super nice and wanted to shake my hand but I refrained as I'd just come out of the toilet stall when I saw her LOL. I worked at the Town and Country when I was around 17 or 18 and just starting college. I once served popcorn and candy and soda to David Crosby. He was super chill and very nice. For my second celebrity sighting this week, I saw David Lander, "Squiggy" from "Laverne and Shirley" on Thursday afternoon while I stopped by Topz in Woodland Hills for lunch. I'd spotted "Squiggy" another time a few months ago driving his Prius out of a strip mall also in Woodland Hills. I went up to him at Topz and just quickly thanked him for all the great laughs he gave me as a kid watching "Laverne and Shirley." He was very gracious and said he appreciated it. Growing up in L.A. and working in entertainment for so long, I honestly don't care a whip about celebrity or famous people. I've pretty much interviewed anyone I was ever a fan of. There's plenty of times I've seen celebs and never said a word to them. But in the case of Teri Nunn and David Lander - both have given me plenty of pleasure in my life - each has seen super famous times and now just are still doing their thing without being on the top 10 of Billboard or the Nielsen ratings. I don't need or want a photo or an autograph, just the satisfaction of just saying hey I still appreciate you and haven't forgotten you.

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