Thursday, November 1, 2007


This year I decided to dress up as "Ugly Betty." The idea actually popped into my head last Halloween but I'd already committed to being Andy Warhol. I've been waiting a whole year to pass so I could finally get ugly. For my look I needed red glasses, bangs, clothes in garish colors, & braces. My old glasses were red, for bangs I had my mom's old hair extensions, I remembered a yellow vest my grandmother knitted in the 70's was hiding in a closet, and a paper clip could simulate braces. For as long as I've had long hair as an adult (since 18 or so), I've never had bangs. The last time I had bangs I was 5 years old. I clipped the hair in & wow was amazed. My haircut suddently looked a lot more hipster. I may actually consider this for my next haircut. This bangs photo shot into the mirror reminds me of shots I see in Craigslist "Women Seeking Women" section, only more arty. LOL. As much as I was enjoying my new look, I had to take the scissors and shorten them because Betty's bangs are just above her eyebrows. So here I am post bangs trim plus using my paperclip braces, officially a big nerd! Lydia vs. Betty As I mentioned in my previous post, I was forgoing the annual WEHO Halloween Carnival to go to Shotgun Space where two of my images were selected for their Night of the Witch show. My photos selected were: a Polaroid montage of me & my family wearing wax lips & devil's horns, & the photo of a girl dressed like "Carrie." My Dad, who's not much of a late night guy or socializer, really surprised me by saying he wanted to go to the show with me.

Here are two humorous photos of my Dad - totally out of place in a Gallery setting.This werewolf is really Star, who co-owns Shotgun Space. So thanks to Ian & Star ( from Shotgun Space for selecting my photos for the show. This Halloween was really mellow compared to the insanity & claustrophobia of the WEHO carnival, but it was cool to have my images at Shotgun Space. Especially to have a photo of my Mom featured - not only is she there in spirit, she's really at the show! Here's another Polaroid of Mom - probably from our last Halloween together 5 years ago. Enjoy!


Aline said...

Brilliant costume idea! I want to go as Warhol next year!

starlen said...

Lydia -

It was great to meet you, and my apologies if I came off a little scatter-brained.

The photos of your father here are fantastic! The rest of the opening, too - I tend to forget to take pictures until after the room begins to clear out.

I certainly hope to see you around again soon.

Lydia Marcus said...

hey star,
great to meet you too! glad you like my pix of my dad. he's so funny because he doesn't realize how funny he is!

Lydia Marcus said...

hey aline,
if you go as warhol, make sure you give me my "credit" - tell everyone who inspired you! i think you'd make a really great warhol - you're tall and lanky and will probably make a great neutered looking guy like warhol.