Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Cali @ 7.5 months-2

Open W-I-D-E!
Cali @ 7.5 months-3

"Just try and take this persimmon away from me!"
Cali @ 7.5 months-1

Bend It Like Cali!
Cali @ 7.5 months-4

I wish her face was in better focus, but I like her expression.
Cali @ 7.5 months-5

Recent Videos:

Cali Has A Ball

We had a couple days of rain in L.A. so I had to find creative ways to keep Cali busy indoors. And find ways to poop her out! So I invented the Cali-lympics.

Playtime isn't just for fun, it's a daily way to keep training Cali through repetition, praise and sometimes reward.

Cali-lympics Day 1 - Stay, come, single jump, sit, and left paw.

Cali-lympics Day 2 - Cali nails the double jump!

There was a Cali-lympics Day 3 where I had Cali doing a triple jump but I didn't record it because the room was too dark. Right now I'm improvising her jumps with TV bed trays, but I hope to get some agility equipment eventually.

Cali 7.5 months
Photo credits © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed October 21, 2009 in Encino, CA

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