Friday, March 20, 2009


Even though I grew up in the Valley, parts of it - like Chatsworth - are really unexplored territory for me. I only learned about Stoney Point two years ago and have only driven by it, never explored or hiked around it. My Dad and I drove past Stoney Point last week because it's only a mile or so from our tax preparer. When my Dad saw it in the distance he commented that it looked like something out of the Ice Age. I don't know how far back Stoney Point's rocks date back, but it's definitely not your usual Valley scenery. Today I had to go back to the our tax preparer to pick up our finished paperwork, so I thought I'd finally go check out Stoney Point. I was there from around 4:30pm to 6pm and there were plenty of people hiking, bouldering, climbing, and just enjoying the park. I noticed a couple that were standing on the top of Stoney Point and thought I'd try and figure out how to hike up there. There are no actual trails - you just have to figure your way through brush, plants, and over rocks. I went about half way up and decided that I'd feel safer climbing through to the top with a friend. So that gives me a great excuse to go revisit Stoney Point another day.




Okay I'm not Spiderwoman like the lady above, but I did manage to climb up on a fairly sizable and steep boulder. That's my shadow on top of the boulder.



The second I saw this rock I just thought it looked like McDonald's Grimace so I'm nicknaming it Grimace Rock.
"Grimace" Rock


While their Moms and Dad's were bouldering, these kids had a blast running on the trails and climbing rocks.


This sweet greyhound belonged to one of the climbers.



PLG said...

Great shots! I grew up in West Hills (went to Chatsworth). Your pictures brought back some memories of hanging around Stony Point, and also exploring Chatsworth park (Devil's slide, etc.) Next time I am in the Valley, I will need to detour to get some shots. Excellent work. Paula (aka afropix)

Lydia Marcus said...

thanks paula. glad to help you stroll down memory lane. i don't know about devil's slide, will have to check that out! :-)