Friday, January 23, 2009


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This Todd Oldham designed 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada was one of the coolest cars I ever saw at any of the L.A. Auto Shows. Attending the L.A. Auto Show used to be a neat experience as automakers used a lot of creativity in their car presentations. Lately, the shows just seem like a retread of the past show or shows. Porsche has been dragging out the same tired AV presentations for years. Mini Cooper has used the same displays since their launch. The only thing the automakers change each year seems to be the size and number of LCD or plasma TVs - bigger and more of them. So this '96 Old's Bravada remains a high point for me. Oldham took a pedestrian SUV and made it super unique while improving 100% on the original car. - Lydia Marcus

(From the display poster):

Concept Cure is bringing top automotive and fashion designers in a unique collaboration between General Motors and the fashion industry to raise funds for breast cancer research. The vehicles were sold via silent auction in partnership with Neiman Marcus, with all proceeds benefitting the Nana Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research.

Fashion designer, Todd Oldham chose to take this 1996 sport utility vehicle to the limit. A dark burl covers the body of the Bravada, while a birds-eye maple frames the oak side panels. The wheels are custom detailed in the same maple finish.

The interior features custom printed plaid seats with bright red stitching and floor mats that are full of color resembling a granny quilt. Driving this vehicle will perfectly simulate the experience of wearing an Oldham original.

"The best outcome of this effort will be the awareness of prevention possibilities" - Todd Oldham

Todd Oldham Bravada Photo Montage by Lydia Marcus

Photographed January, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA

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