Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm no prude but I think this "L Word" billboard is gross from it's slogan "going down in history" to Kate Moennig ("Shane) tonguing Mia Kirshner's ("Jenny") neck. Shane and Jenny are roommates and best friends on the show (not romantically paired in the past seasons and ew, I hope not romantically paired this season). Adding to the lack of sex appeal is the inclusion of Pam Grier ("Kit") right behind the image of Jennifer Beals ("Bette") and Laurel Holliman ("Tina") starting to get busy. Pam plays Jennifer's sister - so the last place I need to see her naked shoulders cozing up is RIGHT BEHIND her sister while she's making out with her partner. I'm guessing the ad agency that put together this billboard has never seen the show and that Showtime is just trying to get new viewers, not actually play to the viewers they already have. A big YUCK. But the "L Word" has rarely been sexy to me so it doesn't surprise me that this billboard is a real turn-off as well.

Photo by Lydia Marcus
Photographed January 17, 2009 on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA

Post Note: 1/28/09 - The last episode of the L Word aired this past Sunday and yuck, the writers have actually put Kate (Shane) & Mia (Jenny) together romantically. So I guess that part of the billboard was for real. The preview for next week shows all their friends being grossed out by the pairing so I'm guessing the story line is more for shock value than for romance.

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