Sunday, September 7, 2008

1979 GMC Sierra Grande Truck Polaroid Quadtych

1979 GMC Sierra Grande Truck Polaroid Quadtych by Lydia Marcus

Photographed August 23, 2008 in Woodland Hills, CA

To see more photos of this truck on my Flickr photostream go to:

1979 GMC Sierra Grande Triptych

1979 GMC Sierra Grande


MPD said...

Hiya -

I was doing research on GMC's and found your pics of the exact blue GMC 4x4 Camper Special I bought last year in the 818. Was this yours truck? Thanks for capturing him in all his glory. He found a good home and cleaned up really nice


Lydia Marcus said...

hi don,
that's pretty amazing - the very small world of the wide web. no that wasn't my truck - i just have a fondness for old trucks and saw it parked in Woodland Hills and took some photos of it. the photos from my blog are a polaroid montage. i also took some digital photos and did another montage. those photos can be found here:

i'm glad the truck found a good home! :-)
- lydia