Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tonight I just started another Flickr group:
Pola Dogs

Pola Dogs. Get yours at

I'm a lifelong dog lover. I've always had a dog since I first came into this world. Dogs make life happy. Please submit Instant photos of all your canine pals. Show new shots or reach back in time to Polas and Dogs of your past.

Post photos of Dogs taken with any kind of Polaroid Camera or Polaroid equivalent like a Fuji Instax, Holgaroid, Daylab, or Polaroid Back from a film camera. All types of instant Polaroid Film are welcome - Integral, Peel Apart, Color and B/W, plus emulsion lifts and image transfers.

Please do not add digital or film photos that have been altered to have a Polaroid look or border. Digital photos with Polaroid photos in the shot are okay.

No limit to daily uploads, but please tag your photos "Pola Dogs"

My doggie, Lucy The Boxador, is the official Pola Dogs mascot.

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