Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Madchen In Uniform

Earlier this year I shot and directed a behind the scenes extra for the upcoming Wolfe Video DVD of the 1958 remake of "MADCHEN IN UNIFORM". I also interviewed filmmaker Katherine Brooks to discuss how the original 1931 version of "MADCHEN IN UNIFORM" inspired her to make "Loving Annabelle". All three films feature a student's crush on her boarding school teacher, but in 2006, "Loving Annabelle" took it a step further to a full-fledged affair.

For a 1958 film, "MADCHEN IN UNIFORM" is amazingly bold about the lesbian content and I was quite surprised how far this German film went. Compare how Germans portrayed lesbianism on screen in '58 to how Americans did it later in '61 with "The Children's Hour" and you will be amazed how far behind we were.

Unfortunately the 1931 original is still not available on DVD. I saw it once, over 20 years ago, at an art house revival screening somewhere in Los Angeles. I consider myself very knowledgeable about queer cinema (in fact that was my specialty when I was an entertainment journalist and film critic) and I never even knew there was a remake until Wolfe approached me to do the DVD extra! So the fact that the '58 version is going to be available on DVD is utterly fantastic.

Netflix is waiting to see how much demand there is for "MADCHEN IN UNIFORM" before they buy copies of it to make it available to customers. So please save this DVD to your queue right now. Here's the Netflix link,, just click and hit save to dvd queue. Thanks! - Lydia Marcus

You can also buy the DVD for only $13.46 from

Here's the plot of "MADCHEN IN UNIFORM" according to Netflix:

"Sent to an austere, all-girls boarding school after the death of her parents, spunky orphan Manuela von Meinhardis (Romy Schneider) soon develops a sensual attraction to one of her teachers, the beautiful Elisabeth von Bernburg (Lilli Palmer). As Manuela's forbidden attraction becomes stronger, the suggestion of lesbian scandal sends the school's headmistress into a rage. Géza von Radványi's directs this 1958 remake of the 1931 classic."

And here's a description of the DVD extra:

"Includes special bonus featurette: From Manuela To Annabelle (in which director Katherine Brooks discusses how Madchen in Uniform inspired Loving Annabelle)."


jesther said...

Wolfe send me a screener for the upcoming release in Sept. Unfortunately, there are no extras ("featurettes") per Wolfe's disadvantageous policy.

Lydia Marcus said...

I have that screener too and I think those are sent out way before the final DVDs are completed. I haven't seen the extra yet either. Perhaps you can request a final DVD from them (I think it ships in sept). :-)