Monday, April 12, 2010


Field of Wildflowers_TejonRanchConservancy-3

Saturday I went on a free hike sponsored by the Tejon Ranch Conservancy. I viewed a carpet of wildflowers like I have never seen before. California poppies, Lupine, and Coreopsis blanketed the hillsides. It was an incredible amount of beauty to behold. Here are my favorite shots from the day.

Lupine, Poppies, Coreopsis
Lupine & Poppies_TejonRanchConservancy

California Poppies and Lupine
CA Poppies & Lupine_TejonRanchConservancy-2

Wildflowers_TejonRanchConservancy-4 What Wildflower is This?


Grazing Cows



Portraits of me by Laurie Thomson

Lydia Wildflowers

© Lydia Marcus 2010 /
Photographed April 10, 2010 at Tejon Ranch Conservancy

"The Tejon Ranch Conservancy was created to protect and implement science-based stewardship and provide public enjoyment of conserved areas of the historic Tejon Ranch and Tehachapi Range. Our vision is to protect, explore, understand, enhance and restore the incredible biodiversity found on the Ranch. At nearly 270,000 acres, Tejon Ranch is the largest continuous expanse of private land in California. Its 422 square miles make it almost almost as large as the City of Los Angeles and about 40% the size of Rhode Island. The Ranch is located along Interstate 5, approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles and 30 miles south of Bakersfield. Elevation ranges from 600 to 7000 feet above sea level."

Wildflower close ups shot with a Nikon 105mm f/2.8

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