Monday, March 22, 2010


New B/W Instant film for Polaroid 600 & SX-70 cameras!!!! Impossible
Project (@ImpossibleUSA) launch new Polaroid films today!

#TIPpress is the buzzword on Twitter today as info about the films
rolls out.

Over the course of the year, 6 total films - PX 100 & PX 600 Silver
Shade (monochromatic film), color 100 & 600, plus color & b+w for
image film (spectra).

Pricing is 21 usd / 18 euro per pack of 8. Curious why no more 10
shots per pack? Pricey BUT available!!!

@Futurowoman (one of my Flickr contacts) was a test photographer of
new PX 100. Here are some of her test shots

@Tubes tweeted: Here is a bunch of pictures of the new Impossible
instant film. Gorgeous packaging. #TIPpress

I'll add info as I learn more.

The Impossible is Possible. Edwin Land would be so proud!

- Lydia Marcus @fotonomous

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