Thursday, December 10, 2009


Vanagon L
Volkswagen Vanagon L
Photo credit © Lydia Marcus 2009 /
Photographed December 10, 2009 in Studio City, CA


Steph Parke said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging comment on my blog. I ordered the grilling book you recommended and can't wait for it to warm up a little so I can get started. :)

I love this VW shot. So cool! Thanks again!

Lydia Marcus said...

let me know when you have grilling success! :-)

thanks for your comment about this shot, this is one of my faves. i literally detoured down this street just so i could jump out and check if i had taken my receipt from a trip to petco around the corner, when i spotted this lovely vanagon and tree. and for a change, i actually had my slr with me.

i just had it printed as a 20x30 and it looks AMAZING. i tried the kodak metallic paper from adorama and it ROCKS! really makes the colors POP.

can't wait to get your blurb book in the mail. :-)