Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dodger Blue & Cali
Dodger Blue & Cali

Cali had her first puppy play date with Dodger Blue, a chocolate lab belonging to my Flickr friend Matthew aka RuggyBearLA). Dodger is almost a year old and weighs 90 pounds. Cali is six months old and 33 pounds. The two played for a couple hours and never wore each other out. When it comes to young labs, there is no "off" button.

Cali & Dodger Blue
Cali & Dodger Blue

Despite the almost 60 pound weight difference between them, Cali goes after Dodger with gusto!

Tastes Like Chicken!!!
Tastes Like Chicken

Tug is Cali's favorite game. At first I was reticent to start playing tug with her because I didn't want to create a dog with dominance issues, but after studying up on it a bit, I realized that that tug would be an appropriate game for us. Instead of creating dominance, tug actually is a very even and balanced game for us. As soon as I let go of the rope, Cali immediately brings it back for more play. She wants to keep the tug going, not run off with the rope.

When it came to wrestling around, Dodger had a clear advantage because of his size. With tug, Cali took the lead. Except for a couple of times, Dodger couldn't seem to grab the rope away from her. Here she is basically trying to get him to engage in the game. She's egging him on saying, "You want a piece of this!"

You Want A Piece Of This!

Tug O' War!!!! Two labs having a very fun time.
Tug O' War

Photo credits: © Lydia Marcus 2009
Photographed September 20, 2009 in Encino, CA

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