Saturday, April 11, 2009


Friday I had a fantastic day hanging out with one of my old high school buddies Brad. He lives in D.C. so it's rare that I get to see him. We had lunch with two of his friends in Burbank, took a nice drive on city streets to downtown, and made an impromptu visit to Griffith Observatory where we each enjoyed a hot cup of Wolfgang Puck soup (Me-Butternut Squash, Brad-Tortilla) while dining alfresco with a full view of the wide expanse that we lovingly call the City of The Angels.

Here's some snaps from my Sony T100 recounting our fun.

Brad & Me in Burbank
brad & lyd 4-10-09-1

Some lovely flowers - this shows how AMAZING the macro setting is on my Sony T100 - AMAZING bokeh for a point and shoot!

I snapped this pic out the window as we were driving down Glendale Blvd towards downtown.

We made a quick stop at Walt Disney Concert Hall and I shot this snap from the car.

The very famous Hollywood sign, viewed from Griffith Observatory

The Astronomers Monument on the front lawn. George Stanley, one of the artists who created this work in 1934, was also the creator of the famous "Oscar" statuette. The monument features six of the greatest astronomers of all time: Hipparchus; Copernicus; Galilei; Kepler; Newton; and Herschel (yah the one Jew!). Not sure which of the brilliant minds I captured here.

Calcium close up (another great macro!) - part of the elements display.

I love these shots of Brad! He looks so cute.

Brad got down on the ground to get this great shot of me. He encouraged me to get a little sassy and it worked!

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