Friday, November 14, 2008


Because of NO on 8 and all the protesting and marches, I've been reminiscing about my earlier queer days in college. In my last blog I mentioned SQUISH (Strong Queer United In Stopping Heterosexism), a group I was part of in college. My school had another lesbian and gay group on campus called LAGA, but they were more of a relaxed, social group, while SQUISH was inspired by the activism of Queer Nation and ACT UP and and was formed to shake up the status quo on campus. My SQUISH t-shirt was actually a one of a kind silk screen. I don't remember what color the other people's shirts were, but I know that they were all monotone in color while mine had blue, red, and purple in the design. I wish I could wear the shirt to some of these No On 8 protests but it's just too big on me now - partially because in the early 1990's we wore much more oversized clothing and partially because I lost a lot of weight five years ago. Anyway for nostalgia and historical sake, I thought I better take a photo of it and share it.

I also wanted to make everyone aware of a nationwide No On 8 protest taking place at city halls around the country this Saturday. The one in L.A. is happening Downtown in front of City Hall at 10:30am. This is going to be a BIG event so if you haven't made it to any other protests, this is the one to go to. Check out the site Join The Impact to find out more about it and to find the location for protests in your own city. Facebook also has a page for this event at

SQUISH T-Shirt Photo by Lydia Marcus
Photographed November 13, 2008 in Encino, CA

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