Monday, March 24, 2008


On Easter Sunday I headed over to my Uncle Myles West Hollywood apartment for a homemade Easter feast compliments of his friends the Almouai family: Nawaf, Donna, Azzam and Isabelle. We ate early around 5pm and had roasted spring lamb (yum), rice, spinach, green beans, and for desert, rice krispie treats, middle eastern cookies, and Neapolitan ice cream! I was so stuffed, I didn't eat again 'til this afternoon! After dinner we talked, I took a much needed walk (after that huge meal) around the neighborhood with Isabelle, I played hide and seek with the kids, and then we had a lot of fun taking digital and Polaroid photos with lots of props including three different kinds of bunny ear headbands I brought.

Azzam, Isabelle, and my Uncle Myles embrace their inner bunny on Easter Sunday

Uncle Myles

Me and Isabelle

Me and my Polaroid MiniPortrait 203 - a recent Craigslist acquisition. This camera takes two side by side photos (two of the same or two different images) on one Polaroid picture. I'll upload some of the Polaroids I took at a later time.

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